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Sunday, 22 July 2018
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CRASH PAD - Give your back a Brake -free shipping-
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CRASH PAD - To reduce impact you slow your car with the Brake.
That's how The CRASH PAD works.

The material slows your downward motion in the seat with even resistance like a shock absorber.
The thicker the material the longer the Braking time.

Broken Back, Compression Fractures and Spinal Injuries happen when
the seat instantly dead stops and your body keeps moving.

The weight of your body, head and helmet then compresses your spine that
has nowhere to go because it's belted tight against the rigid bottom of the seat.

The force is very high because the impact duration is extremely short.
Double the duration and you cut the force in half... 
and that's the trick !!!

Because the duration is so very short,  a short extension of time can make a huge difference but,
it requires the correct compression resistance to do the trick.

The CRASH PAD material TESTED BEST for the US Military to reduce spinal compression forces.
If there was something better, we'd use it !!!

Give your back a BRAKE.
There's no reason not to.
Race Smart.
Race Ready.

FREE Shipping at

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