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Sunday, 22 July 2018
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CRASH PAD - No Reason Not To & -free shipping-
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CRASH PAD - You don't plan to crash but 

Get some air and a frame bottom impact during a crash can
compress your spine and break your back.

The force is very high because the duration is very short.
Make the 1/10th  of a second impact, 2/10ths and you cut the force in half !!!

The material in The CRASH PAD compresses with even resistance and 
the thickness provides the time to compress and slow your downward motion,
reducing the force.

Much better than SFI padding, the material in The CRASH PAD 
for the US Military to solve the same problem.

Put The CRASH PAD in your seat NOW...
There's no reason not to.

Race Smart
Race Ready

Free Shipping at

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