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Stealth Midget Boyles SHO

Up for sell 34in Godfrey Stealth Midget with Boyles SHO w/ Mechanical Injection and Dry Sump. Great opportunity of making your dream of running the chilibowl come true! Contact me at 6603731760 

DMI Bulldog Rearend (Kunz's Old Rearend) 
Spike Double Bearing Birdcages 
•All New Alumium and Fiberglass (0 Races)
•New 27 Gallon Fuel Safe Bladder (0 Races)
•All New Fuel Lines (0 Races)
•All New Radius Rods (0 Races)
•All New Torsion Arms (0 Races)
•All New Brake Lines (0 Races)
•All New Bolts In Yoke (0 Races)
•All New Bolts in Hubs (0 Races)
•New Jacob Pin Clevis's (0 Races)
•New Hyper Coil Springs (0 Races)
•New Front Bearings & Seals (0 Races)
•New Brake and Coolant Resivior (0 Races)
•New Joe's Racing Top Fuel Plate (0 Races)
•New PS Resivior (0 Races)
•New Fuel Shutoff (0 Races)
•New Weld Mud Plugs (2 Races)

These are spares that come with the car 

•2 Springs
•5 Gallons of DMI Bulldog Blood
•M&R Window Nets
•(Used)LR Torsion Arm (New) RR Torsion Arm
•3 Torsion Bars (1 New)
•Birdcages (Used)
•Oil Tank Mount's (New)
•3 Spare Jacob Ladders (New)
•2 Spare Jacob Pin Clevis's (New)
•Yoke Adapter Bolts
•Axle Spacers
•New Belts and Oil Filter's (New)
•Spare Body
•11 Gas Reb adj Super Shoxs ($5,500 New)  
(2) 7" 3 comp. 1-4 rebound
(2) 7" 3 comp. 0.5 rebound (One Never Used) 
(2) 7" 4 comp. 0.5-3 rebound  
(2) 6" 3 comp. 4-8 rebound 
(1) 7" 2 comp. 4-8 rebound (Never used) 
(1) 7" 3 comp. 3-7 rebound 
(1) 7" 4 comp. 3-7 rebound 
Includes dyno sheets, 3 Coilover Kits, Brand New Cockpit adjusters.  

Spare Rims & Tires
•2LR Beadlock's (Used but Nice)
•1RR Beadlock's (Hardly Used with Ti Hardware
•2 Fronts (Used but Nice