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NEW- Race Saver 305 Mega Power Hilborn Outflows Engler and Kinsler for $1000 less

With Ram Tubes and 5-1/2"  or 3-1/2" Nozzles- your choice  - Flowed and ready

Out flows the Raptor  by Kinsler   The CHAMP ! 

We take Trade in - call us -    We beat Kinsler and Engler's prices across the board

The Hilborn Race Saver MEGA Power Injector picks up were our Race Saver R.A.W. Power injector leaves off. The curve throat design enhances airflow for increased mid-range and top end power without sacrificing throttle response or engine acceleration. The throat and runner of the Race Saver Mega Power injector is sized specifically for use on the restrictive Race Saver head to increase airspeed and cylinder fill, allowing our unported castings to perform as well as our competitor's CNC ported manifolds. This ability comes from the excellent quality of the casting, which requires very little port work for maximum efficiency.

Available as cast with the CNC port opening for a perfect match to the Race Saver head. All that is typically needed for maximum efficiency is minor blending in the throat and port to throat transition. Full CNC porting is available for those looking for maximum potential.  Buy it here :
http://www.alkydigger.net/proddetail.php?prod=HILL327C8NA%282-3%2F16%29A.1      www.Alkydigger.com  
Comes with  Crossshaft linkage 
For 360  or Race Saver 305  

Hilborn Fuel Injection’s Race Saver MEGA Power injector provides the

power you need to win while keeping you on budget. Along with out of the box

performance our injectors feature the following:

· High quality heat treated aluminum castings

· Precision machined in-house

· CNC port openings standard. Port blending or full CNC porting available- Call Mike

Add Crossshaft for $199 


· Clear anodize finish for long lasting durability