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Complete 410 Sprint Operation

Complete 410 sprint car operation for sale.

2002 Eagle:  86/40

Ex Tony Stewart Racing car driven by Danny Lasoski

53" front axle w/DMI spindles and Keizer hubs

Winters 4:11 rear end completely rebuilt

Penske adj front shocks/ CSI adj rear shocks

Winters torque tube, driveshaft loop

Full box steering gear, KSE second gen power steering pump (very few races on it)

28gal Fuel Safe tail tank w/bladder


2008 Maxim:  87/40 1" Raised Rail

Right now this is just a frame and body, but have everything to make roller and then some.



7 Penske adj rear shocks, 3 Penske adj front shocks, 2 CSI adj rear shocks, 12 CSI/Pro/QA1 non adj shocks.  All freshly rebuilt and serviced.

25 sets of gears.  Almost all are SCS Sportsman or SCS Pro sets.  A couple Winters sets.

3 complete front ends

2 spare 4:11 rear ends

Complete spare fuel cell and bladder.  Spare tail tank shell (brand new).

2 5x5 flat top wings and 3 front wings

C&R spare radiator

10 5gal fuel jugs

7 rr wheels, 7 lr wheels, 8 front wheels, and 4 complete sets of axle bleeders

Three spare sets of headers.

More spare bars, arms, brake parts, and odds and ends than I can count.


410 297cc All Pro Motor- 900+ HP.  Motor is currently AJ Felker Racing Engines and will be 100% fresh rebuilt with only dyno time on it.  Kinsler 2.900 Dragon Claw injection.  K&N 4 1/2" air box with carbon fiber base and vortex tubes.  A very stout motor!!!  Comes with MSD mag and box, Waterman 500 fuel pump, and all bypasses.

410 -12 Felker Racing Engines motor- 823HP.  Motor has two nights on it since completely rebuilt and dynoed.  Hillborn 2 5/8" injection.  K&N 4" air box w/base.  Waterman 500 fuel pump and all bypasses included.  

28' enclosed trailer with RV side door and brand new tires and four wheeler is included.  Contact Damon Schlattweiler @ (217)314-9042 (call or text)

VERY VERY competitive stuff!  We won 6 features in the last two years on the WAR circuit and NUMEROUS top fives and tens!  Very good equipment!

Total price $55,000