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SOLD Racesaver 305 Sprint Car!

Race Ready Racesaver 305 Sprint Car!  SOLD!!!

2010 Wolfweld - multi track and feature winning car.  This car has won at Belleville, Little Rock, Knoxville, Devil's Bowl, McCool and various other tracks in the Midwest.   Never hurt or repaired.  86.5/40 standard tubes.  Vortex Wings.  4.86 DMI Bulldog rear - used.  DMI/King driveline and bell housing.  New Sweet 1/2 box gear and new Sweet PS pump.  New King front end,  New Wilwood billet brake calipers and new steel rotors.  Brakes work great.  Afco base valve adjustible gas shocks with my custom valving.  Weld wheels.  Hoosier tyres.

The engine in this car is brand new.  Built by Mark Burch Motorsports.  305 Race Saver.  Hard Card.  Engler Injector and Huggins Cam.  Diamond Pistons.  Scat Crank and Rods.  Cloyes double roller hex-adjust timing chain. GM block with splayed four bolt caps.  Moroso 9 qt aluminum oil pan.  Melling oil pump.  FIE ignition, fitted Moroso plug wires.  Comp roller rockers.  Aluminum water pump and Speedway balancer, Peterson cog drive system.  ARP fasteners.  New Speedway radiator.

I drove this car and engine at US-36 Speedway on Friday May 11, 2018.  It was a blast!  Engine takes off as good as expected for a flat tappet cam.  Throttle response and driveability is awesome.  Turned 7800 rpm in the feature.  Never got over 200 degrees.  The car is way faster than I am capable of driving it.

Set up sheets and tech support available.

The reason I am selling this as a package deal is because I thought this would be a great opportunity to move some stuff out of my shop - along with setting up someone with a RACE READY package deal.  For basically the price of a decent used 360, you can buy the entire car and engine with enough spares to go race IMMEDIATELY.  Everything is plumbed right, engineered right with all the correct components.

Spares include:  2 extra LR wheels and tyres.  1 extra RR wheel and tyre.  1 spare front wheel and tyre. Spare nose wing.  Two extra torsion bars as needed.  Brand new spare King front end.

No trades needed.  NE Sales tax will be charged if applicable.

Mark Burch 402-430-7187