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2016 United Express 26’ Trailer

Bought new from Capital Renegade in 2016. Trailer is in like new condition it has only been used about 10 times. It has the following HRP items: Nerf and Bumper rack, 2 Front End 1 Rear end rack, Top and Nose Wing rack, Gear Cabnet and shelves for gear storage, Fold down Work Bench, Wheel Wrench and Spacer rack, Retracing Air hose real. Midget Front and Rear End Racks. Torsion Bar rack, Dual Shock Rack, Radius Rod Rack, Standard Port Header Rack.

9’ interior hieght. 4’ upper deck in the front, two tier tire rack, built in cabinets. Spare wheel and tire. Full walk on roof.


Don Dawson 

515 988-1215