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Sell Out - 2017 new 87x40 & Carbon Body

I will be updating in the coming week or so with the smaller stuff that is left and not listed.

Headers, 1 set Beyea Stainless, bird cages, steel drive shafts, 1 DMI Ti driveshaft, radious rods various lengeths, arms, Ti Torsion Stops, 2 - Torque Ball covers, torque tubes, 1 DMI housing, fuel lines, VRP with rear base valve (2 Races), New & Used Red Devils parts, carriers, hubs, pads, calipers, Ti Rotors, Nerf Bars, 2 Arts front mount radiators with water pump housings.

- $650 - Red Devil Used Complete Inboard Kit. TI Rotor has around 5 races on it. Comes with spare hub for rotor and caliper rebuild kit.

- $300 ea - 2 - Red Devil Used Complete LF Kit - TI Rotors each kit contains a spare axle bracket.

- $600 ea - 2 - Red Devil Used Complete LR/RR Kit with 1 recoated rotor - Plus Spare Caliper and Rotor and hub

- $4,300 - NEW 2017 Maxim 87x40 with full carbon body, 1” raised rail, seat back, wedged car, ground tubing, three hole w-link mounting, option for 31” RR bar.      

- $6000 with these  these new parts: Aluminum Floor Pan, black alum motor plate with ti hardware, rock screen with outwear, DMI ball and sleeve, W-Link, KSE half box mount, polished nerf bars and bumpers, top wing posts, front wing, front wing posts and straps, bolt on tank brackets.     - Frame comes with these used parts: Moose torsion bar retainers, DMI ball housing, 7/8 master cylinder, -2 brake lines with -3 ends, brake spring, bell crank and throttle linkage, TI brake & throttle pedals, DMI shut off valve, upper steering mount, TI rock Screen, fuel manifold & bracket, Kinsler main pill holder.

- $1,300 - FRONT AXLE – New All Star 50” 2 ½ axles, Components were used in 3 races. DMI light weight black Tetris Hubs with TI Studs, DMI black spindles with straight TI Snout, DMI TI king pins, DMI black steering arms, TI one nut bolt kit, used Ultra Lite Ti LF brake kit with set of new pads. New Black Radius Rods with Rod End heims


1 - 17x8 - Like New Weld -$325

- WINGS UNLIMITED WINGS  - White Sides - Candy Apple Blue Center 1 - NEW Flat Top Wings - $550

- $1,200  - AL 27.5” TI Driveline (DMI External Swivel)-  - 2 Used -  44 Spline U-Joint 

- $1,200 - VRP Shocks - 4 Adjustable - Rear Base Valves - Ran 2 nights with covers. Not a mark on the bodies. Look Brand new.

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